About OGA Manager

OgaManager started as a group chat brainstorm between the co-founders with a shared passion for football, online gaming, social media and all things Nigerian. The idea got its start when the founding team decided it was time someone brought the African continent the first fully functional daily football fantasy platform.


Our platform provides a medium for you to play against other football enthusiasts all over the world or simply challenge your friends next door. Users are able to play for free or back their lineups with cash. We aim to pit fan against fan in a test of sports knowledge and fantasy technique savvy where winners can experience the thrill of victory on any given day in a variety of leagues and contests instead of just once a year.



OgaManager satisfies Africa’s hunger for a quality daily fantasy football platform. Numerous Africans already play in season long fantasy leagues but are unable to back those season long commitments with cash or reap the benefits of their fantasy prowess due to limitations associated with geography and inter- connectivity with online banking networks and payment mediums in Africa. That’s where we step in; our aim is to categorically be the best place for Africans to play daily fantasy football online. The season-long game will be simplified but the winnings amplified. The money will be real and payouts to customers will be seamless. Our mission? To provide Africa with a new way to play fantasy - a medium that up until now was non-existent. Join us on this journey and choose a contest, pick your team, follow it’s progress via our live scoring feature as your players accumulate points and win that cash!