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OgaManager offers the most aggressive lineup of contests with prizes in all of Nigeria when it comes to fantasy sports. All of our contests are easy to enter, right off the home page. All of our games are daily or weekly which means you can play today and win cash tomorrow. Unlike full season leagues, you’re never out of competition nor are you confined to the mistakes of lineups past. Instead, you are able to start strategizing from scratch everyday – everyday starts fresh with OgaManager


Winner takes all in these one-on-one contests



Tournament type contests may be private or public. Multiple users can join tournament type contests. Winner is declared using sliding scale formula.

We are currently a Nigerian-based skill games company. The Nigerian government considers fantasy sports a lottery game. We also require our users to be 18yrs of age or older. We take the legal status of our contests very seriously. If you have questions related to this topic, please contact us

We offer daily and weekly Fantasy soccer contests for cash prizes in all of the major European leagues (English, Italian, Spanish and German). Our contests are of a much shorter duration than the traditional season-long leagues and require no team management once you settle on a lineup. Our salary cap format takes just minutes to complete and we offer new contests every day of the season with the added benefit of crowning our winners nightly. Payouts also happen after the game so no need to wait until the end of the season to cash out!

Extra time: Any OgaManager points scored during Extra Time count as if it happened during the regular time. Penalty Shoot-out: No OgaManager points are scored during Penalty Shoot-outs.

Once you’ve built your best eleven, it's time to select your CAPTAIN! The captain of your club earns double the amount of points. Select wisely in order to beat other managers

Rosters will consist of 11 players:
- In case, the contest comprises a single match, the rosters must include players from at least 2 different teams (maximum 6 players from a team)
- If the contest consists of more than one match, the rosters must include players from at least 3 different teams ( maximum  4 players from a team)

Further restrictions may be specified in the contest rules. The positions to choose players are limited to: Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (D), Midfielder (MF), Forward (F)

If you have a specific contest request that you don't see in our Contest list, please ask us. We will be happy to create that unique contest for you.

If there is a tie at the end of the contest, users included in the tie will evenly split the related prize pool. For example, if two users tie for 1st place, and 1st place pays NGN100 and 2nd place pays NGN80, we add the combine places then split that among the tied parties. Each would receive NGN90.00. This extends to multiple spots. In the example above and assuming third place made NGN30, there would be NGN210 "in play" and each spot would have made NGN70. In the event of a tie between players where the prize(s) cannot be evenly split the entry with the highest individually scoring athlete will be used as a tiebreaker, proceeding to the second-highest, third-highest, etc player as needed to break the tie. In the event the tie remains unbroken, the player who submitted their team first will be declared the winner.

Each professional athlete available to draft in our leagues has a salary, and you have a fixed budget to spend (NGN100 Million). You select a full team of players while staying under the Salary Cap. Salary Cap drafting takes just minutes to complete.

There will be no trading of player, no replacing injured players.


During the Transfer Windows several players will change teams. Some will stay in their same league and others will leave their current league for another league/country. This could have an impact on your OgaManager team. Please read the following explanation for how real-life player transfers are handled on OgaManager


  • Once contests for any game week are created and open for users to join on OgaManager, the player selection pool for that game week is locked. This means that no players will be added or removed from any contest for that gameweek, regardless of if they are transferred leading up to the start of that game week.
  • If a player is transferred but remains in his same league (ie: transferred from one Serie A team to another Serie A team), he will already be in the player selection pool for that league’s gameweek and thus will still earn points if he plays for his new team.
  • If a player is transferred to a new league (ie: transferred from the Premier League to Serie A), he will not earn points for the league he is leaving and will only earn points for his new league in gameweeks that are created on OgaManager after his transfer takes place.
  • All players will be available for their new team/league for any gameweeks created after the transfer is processed.
  • The requirement of your OgaManager team having a maximum of  4 players from any one team will still apply. If transfers happen during a game week that puts your lineup at 4+ players from one team, you will be responsible for changing your selections prior to the start of the contest. Otherwise, if you retain 4 +players from one team, your lineup will be considered invalid and will result in the forfeiture of your contests.


  • Premier League gameweek 15 contests are created and available to join on OgaManager on Thursday, January 7th. Alexis Sanchez is transferred from Arsenal to Liverpool on Friday, January 8th.  If he plays for Liverpool in gameweek 15 on January 10th, everyone who selected Sanchez  in their Premier League contests will still receive points – even if they selected him when he was on Arsenal.
  • Exception: If you selected Alexis Sanchez on Monday and also had 4 Liverpool players on your squad, the Thursday transfer would make your roster invalid as it would now have 5 Liverpool players and you would be responsible for changing your lineup to make it valid before gameweek 15 leagues started.  Failure to change your lineup would result in an invalid team and forfeiture of your leagues.
  • Premier League contests and La Liga contests are created and available to join on OgaManager on Thursday, January 7th, Karim Benzema is transferred from Real Madrid to Arsenal on friday January 8th. He would not earn points that week for La Liga since he is no longer playing in that league and he would not be available to select in Premier League contests until the following gameweek since the current Premier League game week was created prior to his transfer.




OgaManager will accept funds via credit card. We are new industry, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), and because of that the laws vary widely from country to country.Therefore, OgaManager will only pay winnings into a Nigerian Account only in Naira.

We do not currently accept deposit via paypal

We do not charge you any fees on deposits, withdrawals, winnings. Our customers do not get charged fees for anything. Our take from the contests is the only charge to our customers.

See  "terms of use" to know the countries eligible to play for money. We currently accept deposits in NGN only

OgaManager accepts all the major online payment management systems available to the Nigerian market via InterSwitch.