OgaManager Rules

1) Contest Rules

  • Each contest requires selecting 11 players totaling NGN100 million or less in virtual salary.
  • Formations include 3-5-2, 3-6-1, 4-2-4, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 5-4-1
  • Player salaries will not change once a contest begins, but will fluctuate from contest to contest based on the player’s performance and popularity.
  • Rosters of your opponent(s) will be visible immediately after kickoff of the first game in any designated contest.
  • Each contest specifies a date after which entries may not be added, edited, or cancelled.
  • Contest results and winners will be based on the total points scored across each entrant’s 11 player roster (scoring summarized below) during the duration of the contest.
  • If a match that is part of a contest is rescheduled outside of the originally scheduled beginning and end of the contest, players in those matches will earn zero points.

2) Rosters

  • Rosters will consist of 11 players and must include players from at least 2 (maximum 6 players from a team) or 3( maximum  4 players from a team) different teams. Further restrictions may be specified in the contest rules.
  • The positions to choose players are limited to: Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (D), Midfielder (MF) and Forward (F). OgaManager makes the exclusive ruling on position eligibility and each player is only eligible at ONE of the four positions listed above. Yes, even you, Gareth Bale or Ronaldo

3) Point Scoring


Players will accumulate points as follows:

A) All Positions

  • Minute (up to 90): 0.02
  • Yellow Card: -2
  • Red Card: -5
  • Own Goal Scored: -3
  • Foul Won: .5
  • Foul Committed: -.5

B) Forwards

  • Goal: 7
  • Assist: 4
  • Shot on Target:  0.5
  • Penalty Kick Missed: -5
  • Clean Sheet (if 45 or less minutes played): 1 or  Clean Sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 2

C) Midfielders

  • Goal: 7
  • Assist: 4
  • Shot on Target 2
  • Penalty Kick Missed: -5
  • Clean Sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 2
  • Clean sheet (if 45 or less minutes played): 2
  • Single Goal Match* (if 45 or more minutes played): 1

D) Defender

  • Goal: 7
  • Assist: 4
  • Clean sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 4
  • Clean Sheet (if 45 or less minutes played): 1
  • Single Goal Match* (if 45 or more minutes played): 2
  • Penalty Kick Missed: -5

E) Goalkeeper

  • Save: 1
  • Penalty Kick Saved: 7
  • Goal Allowed: -2
  • Clean Sheet (if 45 or less minutes played): 3
  • Single Goal Match* (if 45 or more minutes played): 3

Goals, shots, saves and any other statistics that occur during a penalty shootout do not count towards a player’s score.

* The Single Goal means that the midfielders, keeper or defender is awarded the points if his team has conceded a single goal in that match.

4) Other Rules


There will be no trading of players, no extra moves and no replacing injured or benched players

A) Game Cancellations and Postponements

In the event that a scheduled game is cancelled, preempted, or postponed for any reason, no points will be awarded for players in the cancelled, preempted, or postponed game or event.


B) Suspended or Shortened Games

Any statistics generated on a later date than when the game is completed will not be included due to the one day nature of our contests. If a game is shortened, the statistics WILL count.


C) Roster Deadlines

Contest entry will close fifteen minutes before the start of the first game included in the contest. You can edit your roster as many times as you like before the contest closing time. Once games begin, all players on participating teams will lock and can no longer be edited.


D) Scoring Revisions

During each football game we have in our system, we provide live statistics. After the game has concluded, the stats will be used to compute the results of each contest. However, the leagues will occasionally change statistics after they have been submitted. In the event this occurs, the contestant’s scores on OgaManager will not be updated. Note that this is not the case if a correction needs to be made after settlement due to a bug or issue with the data feed, the settlement process, or a glitch on OgaManager side. In these instances the settlement process (including payment) may be reversed and redone correctly.


E) Payouts

OgaManager will wait until all of the final statistics have been reported for each contest’s games to ensure that the final results are accurate. If revisions are made by the league after the final statistics are published, payouts will not be reversed or changed.

Withdrawals from OgaManager leave the site immediately, but may take up to 2-5 business days to process depending on your Bank.


F) Unfilled Contests

All open contests that are conducted on OgaManager have a guaranteed prize (or prizes) regardless of the number of entrants. Thus, the weekly large field tournaments will always pay the same amount to the winner, whether it is a busy week or a slow one. Some structured contests, however, require a specified number of participants. If that number of participants is not reached before the start of the contest, the contest will not take place and your entrance fee will be refunded. For example, a head-to-head challenge cannot take place without two willing competitors and a 10-person league may not be conducted with less than 10 entrants. The participants will be refunded the amount into their OgaManager account balance.


G) Cancelling your Entry

There is no cancellation once an entry is submitted.


H) Cancelling Contests

OgaManager reserves the right to cancel contests at our discretion, without any restrictions. This would typically be done only in cases where we believe there would be a widespread impact on the integrity of contests due to problems on the site or events impacting the sporting events.